School Advisory Council (SAC)


The School Advisory Council is a group of parents, teachers, support staff and community members who come together once a month to discuss school and board policy. This group is a "think tank" eager to help in any way to find solutions to issues that may arise. This group is also kept informed of educational initiatives and direction that the school staff is taking with respect to our Student Success Plan goals. This group of volunteers meets on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm online via zoom. Anyone is welcome to attend a SAC meeting and listen to the conversation that takes place amongst the members of the committee.  
Members for 2021 - 2022
Nicki Smith- SAC Co-Chair / Parent representative
Jill Sutton - SAC Co-Chair / Community representative
Kristyn Thoms - Secretary / Parent representative
Denise Hilchie - Staff representative
Michelle Singer - Staff representative
Veronica Singer - Staff representative
Krista Laffin-Support Staff representative
Ashley Dickson - Parent Representative
Joslyn Paige - Parent Representative
Sheila Campbell- Community Representative
Nicki Eikelenboom - Principal